Super Analog DAC with Western Electric USA Oil Caps


High End Sound at affordable price. Bit perfect for CAS and Apple AirPlay.

Super Analog DAC Model 108 is fitted with Western Electric Oil Caps. DAC chip is an array of resistor. When coupled directly to the WE oil caps. The DAC behaves like a simple RC network. In our proprietary design, there is no transistor or op-amp in the signal path. A perfect choice for tube amp lovers. The DAC is transparent, natural, analog and delivers pure musical HiFi sounds. The closest you can get to the original music.

AC operating voltage is 110/220/230/240V hardwired based on your country. No power cord is included. There are optical and co-axial inputs for 16 bits, 44.1kHz decoding. It is bit perfect for CD player and Apple AirPlay via AirPort Express. Model 108 uses two vintage 10.8uf Western Electric USA oil caps for signal coupling.  To give you an idea, McIntosh C20 pre-amp uses 0.47uf for signal coupling. Comes with 3 year free warranty.

DAC Model 108 with WE Oil Caps US$899