Umbrella Revolution

Revolutionize the way to clean your vinyl records. LP Umbrella ® Vinyl Record Label Protector.


The LP Umbrella ® helps you remove stubborn stains and fungus. The best way to clean is hand clean.

(1) Apply cleansing solution for couple minutes
(2) Clean the record with water
(3) Dry it using vacuum machine or lint-free cloth

The LP Umbrella ® record cleaner is designed for deep-level cleansing.
Made from 20mm thick Acrylic block.


Note 1: We do not supply record cleansing solution due to airmail regulations. You will need to buy your preferred cleansing solution locally.

Note 2: Cleansing will not repair damaged record which was scratched by hard object or damaged by worn out stylus. Worn out stylus cuts into high frequency grooves. The damage is permanent. Typical life span of diamond stylus is about 500-1000 hours. So check your stylus under a microscope if possible, or replace it after 1000 hours of use.

Note 3: The LP Umbrella ® record cleaner is designed for 12”, 10” and 7”, 33 and 45 RPM vinyl records only.
Contact us, if you need one for 78 RPM shellac records.