Shipping Methods

1) By Airmail. Delivery time is 1-2 weeks. USD32 for first kg.

2) By Surface mail. Delivery time is 8-12 weeks. USD12 for first kg.

Payment Methods

1) For first time buyer, we accept bank transfer in HKD, RMB, RUB, EUR or USD.

2) For existing customer, we can accept PayPal. 8% PayPal fees will be added to the cost.

3) Cost calculation example 1. MA230 panel USD179. Airmail cost USD32. PayPal fees USD17. Total cost is 179+32+17 = USD228.

4) Cost calculation example 2. MA230 panel USD179. Surface cost USD12. Bank transfer. Total cost is 179+12= USD191.

Order By Email

Email to:

In your email, please tell us your location, your preferred payment and shipping method.

We normally reply within 24 hours. If you don't see our email reply within a day or 2, please check your junk/spam folder and mark our email as safe sender.

Important Notes for First Time Buyer

1) We are moving away from PayPal due to buyer abuses. If you must use PayPal, we can only accept "friends and family" transfer. 8% PayPal fees will be added to the cost.

2) We ship from Hong Kong. We do not collect VAT, sales taxes, tariffs or import taxes.

3) If you can arrange your friends to pickup in Hong Kong, the transaction cost is zero.

Other Contact Methods

If your email cannot reach us in time, you can use the following phone apps to contact us.

WeChat                                              Whatsapp


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