Shipping Methods

1) By Airmail. Delivery time is 3-4 weeks. USD45 for first kg.

2) By Surface mail. Delivery time is 12-15 weeks. USD15 for first kg.

Payment Methods

1) We prefer bank transfer in HKD, RMB, RUB, EUR or USD.

2) We gladly accept PayPal for existing customers. 8% PayPal fees will be added to the cost.

All prices are quoted in USD for reference only. We do not collect VAT, sales taxes, tariffs, import taxes for your government.

Order By Email

Email to:

Please mention your country and preferred shipping method so that we can estimate shipping cost for you. 

We are based in Hong Kong. We normally reply within 24 hours. If you don't see our email reply within a day or 2, please check your junk/spam folder and mark our email as safe sender.

Order By Phone

Signal / WeChat / WhatsApp / Call / SMS directly to +85298050053

WhatsApp Web on Desktop

WhatsApp QR code

WeChat QR code

Important Notes for First Time Buyer

1) We are gradually moving away from PayPal due to buyer abuses. If you must use PayPal, we can only accept "friends and family" transfer. 8% PayPal fees will be added to the cost.

2) Shipping time is unpredictable due to geopolitics tension and pandemic. We have no control over shipping time after dispatch.

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